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UAE Extends Lifeline to Injured Gaza Women and Children

The UAE has welcomed the first batch of injured Gazan women and children for treatment in Abu Dhabi as part of a humanitarian gesture.

In a humanitarian initiative, the UAE has welcomed the first batch of injured Gazan women and children for treatment in Abu Dhabi. 

The special flight, part of a broader effort, carries those affected by the Israel-Hamas war, providing a lifeline for those in dire need of medical assistance.

Heartbreaking Choices in Pursuit of Safety:

For mothers like Rinad, the journey to the UAE came with heartbreaking choices. 

Leaving behind her older children and gravely injured husband, Rinad is relieved that her three-year-old son, Ahmed, is now in a safe place. She expressed hope that her family would soon join her in the UAE.

As the conflict in Gaza persists into its seventh week, Rinad and others recount the horrors they faced at home. 

Gaza is described as completely destroyed, with hospitals, schools, and houses bearing the brunt of the conflict. The airstrike on Al Fakhoura and Tal Al Zaatar schools adds to the dire situation.

Airlift Operation and Presidential Directives:

The UAE’s response to the humanitarian crisis involves flying in 1,000 injured Palestinian children for treatment in Emirati hospitals. 

This initiative stems from the directives of UAE President Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan. The country has also launched the Tarahum (compassion) for Gaza campaign, sending crucial aid to the region.

Mayson Atiyeh, another mother seeking refuge in Abu Dhabi with her daughter Lujain, describes the indescribable journey and the heartening welcome received. 

She, too, left behind her injured husband and other children in Gaza, hoping for a reunion in the safety of the UAE.

Ongoing Humanitarian Efforts:

Beyond the injured children, the UAE plans to fly in 1,000 Palestinian cancer patients from Gaza. 

Sheikh Mohamed’s directives include setting up a fully-equipped field hospital in Gaza, with an air bridge transporting the necessary equipment for a 150-bed facility.

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