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UAE Extends Humanitarian Aid to Sudanese Refugees in South Sudan

The UAE has dispatched a plane carrying 100 tonnes of food supplies to South Sudan as part of its ongoing humanitarian assistance.

The UAE continues its steadfast humanitarian efforts by dispatching a plane loaded with 100 tonnes of food supplies to South Sudan. 

This aid addresses critical humanitarian needs among Sudanese refugees, reinforcing the UAE’s commitment to supporting neighboring countries grappling with crises.

Commitment to Humanitarian Assistance:

Sultan Al Shamsi, Assistant Minister of Foreign Affairs for International Development Affairs, emphasizes the UAE’s extensive humanitarian initiatives. 

These efforts, executed in collaboration with the World Food Programme, target refugees, ensuring they receive essential food, necessities, and medical services. 

The focus remains on reinforcing local communities hosting refugees, reflecting the UAE’s unwavering dedication during challenging times.

Prolonged Support to Sudan:

Al Shamsi highlights the UAE’s sustained efforts since the crisis outbreak, detailing the country’s aid provision to Sudan and Chad. 

Over 8,810 tonnes of food and medical supplies have been provided through 133 relief planes. A ship carrying around 1,000 tonnes of urgent relief supplies was also dispatched. 

The UAE’s support extends to infrastructural development, including school reconstruction, well establishment, and a vital field hospital in Chad’s Amdjarass city, catering to refugees and locals needing medical care.

Targeting Vulnerable Groups:

The UAE’s aid focuses on the most vulnerable, such as the sick, children, elderly, and women, underscoring the commitment to address critical needs within refugee communities. 

The field hospital serves as a lifeline, offering medical aid to Sudanese refugees and Chadian residents affected by the conflict, extending a humanitarian hand to those fleeing adversity.

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