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UAE extends humanitarian aid to Gaza amidst conflict aftermath

Around 10,000 were helped by the latest aid shipment from the UAE.

Around 10,000 were helped by the latest aid shipment from the UAE.

Supporting Communities in Need:

The UAE, through the Emirates Red Crescent (ERC), has provided crucial aid to Palestinians affected by the Israel-Gaza conflict. 

Distribution of 1,679 food parcels in the Rafah Governorate, alongside setting up 25 shelter tents, has benefited over 10,000 individuals in various neighborhoods, as part of the ongoing Gallant Knight 3 humanitarian operation directed by President Sheikh Mohamed.

Comprehensive Relief Efforts:

The ERC’s relief teams focused on key areas, dispersing 500 parcels each to Al Tanour, Al Nasr, and Khirbat Al Adas neighborhoods. 

An additional 179 parcels were allocated to the vicinity surrounding the UAE’s newly established field hospital in Gaza, which has been operational since December 2.

Sustained Humanitarian Commitment:

The UAE’s aid initiative encompasses diverse essentials, including food and medical supplies, transported by land and air in recent weeks to alleviate the region’s pressing needs. 

The field hospital, equipped with specialized departments for adults and children, including an intensive care unit, has been crucial in addressing complex injuries and treating a significant influx of patients—more than 20 new cases per day.

Dedicated Medical Assistance:

Dr. Abdullah Al Naqbi, an ICU consultant at the field hospital, highlighted their focus on intricate cases, often referrals from established medical facilities. The hospital’s swift response aims to prioritize and deliver specialized care for the most severe injuries, contributing to the ongoing relief efforts in Gaza.

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