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UAE extends aid to earthquake-stricken Afghanistan

Relief airplanes taking food and medical supplies took off on Friday. 

In a compassionate gesture, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) sent additional aid to Afghanistan on Friday, focusing on assisting victims of devastating earthquakes that have claimed thousands of lives.

Airlift Operation from the Emirates

Multiple planes departed from the UAE early in the morning, carrying crucial supplies, including food and medical provisions, to alleviate the suffering of those affected by the seismic disasters.

UAE’s Ongoing Commitment to Global Relief

The UAE’s response to this crisis aligns with its ongoing commitment to providing urgent relief to countries grappling with the aftermath of natural disasters. 

This humanitarian endeavor underscores the nation’s dedication to delivering vital support to countries and communities across the world in times of crisis.

Collective Efforts from Relief Institutions

Multiple relief institutions within the UAE actively contributed to this humanitarian mission. Their combined efforts and support played a pivotal role in providing supplies to alleviate the impact of the earthquakes, which further compounded the existing humanitarian challenges.

The UAE’s unwavering commitment to aiding Afghanistan during this crisis serves as a beacon of hope and exemplifies international solidarity in responding to natural disasters.

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