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UAE extends a helping hand to Gaza: 25 tonnes of food, medical aid

The supplies will travel into the enclave via the Rafah crossing from Egypt.

The supplies will travel into the enclave via the Rafah crossing from Egypt.


In a demonstration of solidarity and compassion, the UAE has dispatched a significant aid package weighing 25 tonnes to alleviate the suffering of the people in Gaza. This humanitarian effort is part of the Gallant Knight 3 operation, showcasing the nation’s commitment to providing food, medical, and relief aid to those in need.

Logistics of Compassion:

The aid shipment is set to undergo unloading in Al Arish, Egypt, strategically positioned before making its journey across the Rafah crossing to reach Gaza. This logistical strategy ensures the efficient and timely delivery of essential supplies to the affected region.

Collaborative Efforts with UN World Food Programme:

The UAE’s humanitarian endeavors are closely coordinated with the UN World Food Programme, underlining the collaborative approach to addressing the pressing needs of the affected population in Gaza. This partnership emphasizes the importance of international cooperation in times of crisis.

Compassion for Gaza Campaign:

The Gallant Knight 3 operation is an integral part of the broader Compassion for Gaza campaign, which was initiated in October. This sustained effort reflects the UAE’s dedication to providing ongoing support and assistance to alleviate the humanitarian challenges faced by the people of Gaza.

Support for Emirati Field Hospital:

In addition to the aid shipment, the UAE has further demonstrated its commitment by sending five planes carrying supplies specifically earmarked for an Emirati field hospital in the Gaza Strip. 

These provisions will play a crucial role in the construction and operation of the field hospital, reinforcing the nation’s dedication to addressing medical needs in the region.

In summary, the UAE’s Gallant Knight 3 operation underscores the nation’s commitment to humanitarian principles and its proactive stance in providing essential aid to those facing adversity. This collaborative effort with international organizations reflects a global commitment to standing together in times of crisis.

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