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UAE extends a helping hand to Afghanistan: field hospital and humanitarian aid

Relief airplanes taking food and medical supplies took off on Saturday.

Relief airplanes taking food and medical supplies took off on Saturday.

Field Hospital in Herat

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has taken a significant step in extending humanitarian aid to Afghanistan in the wake of multiple devastating earthquakes. 

A field hospital has been opened in Herat, aimed at providing vital medical assistance to the Afghan people, as reported by Wam.

Aid Flows In

This act of goodwill was accompanied by the arrival of more aid from the UAE, bolstering the relief efforts. 

On Saturday morning, 53 additional tonnes of humanitarian assistance were flown in from the Emirates, further reinforcing the established air bridge connecting the UAE and Afghanistan.

Essential Supplies

The aid delivery comprised 500 tents and food parcels, responding to the immediate and pressing needs of the affected population. The UAE’s ongoing commitment to supporting Afghanistan in its time of crisis is evident.

A Continual Effort

Sultan Al Shamsi, Assistant Minister of Foreign Affairs for Development and International Organisations Affairs, highlighted the sustained commitment of the UAE. 

He noted, “For the fifth consecutive day, the UAE humanitarian air bridge continues to provide supplies to meet the basic needs of the people of Afghanistan.” 

This ongoing effort underscores the UAE’s dedication to offering support and assistance to those affected by the recent earthquakes, embodying the spirit of international cooperation in times of crisis.

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