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UAE Experiences Early Morning Rains and Changing Weather Patterns

Residents throughout the UAE awoke to cloudy sky and rain in various places, as predicted by the National Centre of Meteorology.

Residents across the UAE woke up to cloudy skies and rainfall in various regions, following predictions by the National Centre of Meteorology about the possibility of showers yesterday.

Heavy Rains in Dubai and Sharjah:

Videos shared by the Storm Centre depicted heavy rainfall in parts of Dubai, impacting morning commuters. 

Similar weather patterns were observed in Sharjah, with rains affecting several areas.

Mountainous regions witnessed thunderstorms and lightning, while other areas experienced rain gradually. Concerns of flooding arose in areas close to wadis and reefs due to accumulated rain.

NCM Alerts and Safety Warnings:

The National Centre of Meteorology issued orange and yellow alerts in specific parts of the country, cautioning residents about potentially hazardous weather conditions. Outdoor activities in northern and eastern regions were advised against.

Abu Dhabi Police urged motorists to exercise caution on the roads due to rainy weather and recommended adherence to changing speed limits displayed on electronic boards.

Day and Night Weather Forecast:

Expect a partly cloudy to cloudy day with intermittent rainfall, primarily in coastal, northern, and eastern regions. 

Nighttime will bring humidity, possibly leading to mist formation in internal areas on Sunday morning.

Anticipate light to moderate winds, occasionally fresh to strong, accompanied by blowing dust and sand due to cloudy conditions. 

Temperatures may range from 11ºC in mountainous regions to 31ºC in internal areas.

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