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UAE Employees Seek Career Opportunities in the Local Market

According to a recent Zurich International Life poll, 82% of UAE employees intend to pursue career prospects within the country.

A recent survey conducted by Zurich International Life reveals that 82% of UAE employees plan to explore career opportunities within the country. The local job market offers better prospects for career growth and competitive remuneration.

Attractive and Competitive UAE Job Market:

The UAE’s job market has been highly attractive and competitive in recent years, owing to various government measures, such as residency permits and visas for different categories and professions. 

The UAE has also introduced incentives for foreign companies, making it an appealing destination for job seekers.

Factors Attracting Companies and Job Seekers:

In addition to job opportunities, the UAE offers a world-class quality of life, education, and safety and security. These factors have been instrumental in attracting both businesses and individuals to the country.

Global recruitment agency IG Recruit reports remarkable growth in the UAE job market during the first quarter of 2023, defying global trends. 

This growth has been particularly prominent in the technology and human resources sectors, driven by strategic projects and initiatives.

Optimism Among Recruiters:

Recruiters are optimistic about the ongoing economic surge in Dubai, foreseeing this positive momentum to continue. 

The technology sector has been active in hiring, with 77% of organizations expanding their workforce thanks to well-planned and implemented projects and initiatives.

Anticipated Salary Increases for Skilled Professionals:

In light of the strong hiring trend, IG Recruit notes that salary increases for skilled professionals are being observed from this year onwards.

According to the Zurich International Life survey, the top destinations for UAE employees looking to change jobs include Australia, the US, Western Europe, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Oman, and Kuwait.

Interest in Relocating to Saudi Arabia:

The survey highlights a growing interest among employees in the UAE to potentially relocate to other GCC countries, including Saudi Arabia. 

Opportunities linked to Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 initiatives, such as Neom, the Red Sea project, and Qiddiya, have piqued the interest of job seekers.

The Zurich International Life study found that 74% of UAE employees plan to explore new career opportunities over the next 12 to 18 months. 

However, 38% of employees intend to continue in the same role and feel stuck in their current positions.

Job Changes and Motivations:

Approximately 25% of UAE employees changed jobs in the past year, attracted by better remuneration, enhanced employee benefits, and professional advancement opportunities. 

Among expatriates, nearly half (49%) of Western expats changed jobs in the last 12 months.

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