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UAE Embassy Issues Warning to Emiratis in Netherlands Amidst Storm Ciaran

Due to the impact of Storm Ciaran, the UAE Embassy in The Hague issued a warning to Emiratis currently in the Netherlands.

The UAE Embassy in The Hague warned Emiratis currently in the Netherlands due to the impact of Storm Ciaran, which has been lashing Western Europe, including the Netherlands.

Exercise Caution and Follow Safety Instructions:

The embassy advised UAE nationals in the Netherlands to exercise caution and adhere to safety instructions as the storm brings strong winds and rain to the region. 

Residents must stay informed about the changing weather conditions and take appropriate measures.

Flight Disruptions and Travel Concerns:

In response to the severe weather conditions, Dutch airline KLM decided to cancel all flights departing to or arriving in the Netherlands, a move prompted by the high sustained wind speeds and powerful gusts anticipated in the country. 

Emiratis with travel plans should monitor the situation closely and make necessary adjustments.

Emergency Contact Information:

Emiratis facing emergencies or requiring assistance in the Netherlands can contact the UAE Embassy through the provided hotlines: 0097180024 or 0097180044444. Additionally, they may utilize the ‘My Tawajodi’ service for further support.

Storm Ciaran has significantly disrupted western Europe, with strong winds and rain causing power outages in France, affecting over a million homes. 

Furthermore, numerous schools in southern England remained closed due to the adverse weather conditions.

Once-in-a-Generation Storm:

Meteorologist Bob Henson described Storm Ciaran as a “once-in-a-few-years storm” for the UK and France, and it could potentially escalate into a “once-in-a-generation storm.” 

The storm’s severity underscores the need for vigilance and preparedness in the affected regions.

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