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UAE Educational Institutions Implement Measures to Combat Bot-Enabled Plagiarism

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Academic Integrity in the Age of AI: Strategies to Counter AI-Assisted Cheating

Dubai, January 20, 2024 – UAE’s educational institutions are confronting a novel challenge: bot-enabled plagiarism facilitated by AI models like ChatGPT. As students increasingly resort to these tools for completing assignments, schools and universities are adopting measures to preserve academic integrity.

Preventive Actions Against AI-Generated Work

To curtail the misuse of AI, some schools have blocked access to ChatGPT on school-issued devices and Wi-Fi networks. There’s a growing emphasis on the necessity for students to cite their sources properly when submitting assignments, addressing the concerns over AI-assisted work.

Experts Weigh In on the Issue

Professor Manda Venkatraman from the Gulf Medical University’s College of Medicine points out the importance of plagiarism checkers and software that assesses the percentage of work generated by AI systems. These tools are crucial for educators to verify the authenticity of students’ submissions.

Redefining Cheating in Education

While AI chatbots have not increased the overall cheating rates, they have made it easier for students to find new ways to cheat. James Picowye, Dean of Zayed University’s College of Communication and Media Sciences, suggests that AI should be viewed as an opportunity for education reform rather than a threat.

AI as an Educational Tool

Instead of outright bans, some educators advocate for integrating AI into the curriculum, teaching students the ethical use of such technology. By promoting assignments that require more personal and creative input, educators hope to steer students away from dependency on AI for academic work.

Instituting a Framework of Academic Honesty

Abhilasha Singh, Principal of Shining Star International, emphasizes the importance of incorporating referencing in homework policies. This approach helps distinguish student work from AI-generated content and encourages accountability.

Educators’ Observations

School educators have noticed instances of similar responses among students using AI, prompting them to design more personalized and creative assignments. Such strategies push students to engage more deeply with their learning materials, thereby ensuring that educational goals are met.

Embracing AI in the Industry

The educational sector’s interaction with AI mirrors the broader industry trends, where familiarity with AI is becoming increasingly important. The COVID-19 pandemic provided a glimpse into the potential for educational reform, and AI is seen as a catalyst for further changes.


UAE’s educational institutions are actively addressing the implications of AI in academic work. By implementing strategic measures and fostering an understanding of ethical technology usage, they aim to maintain the sanctity of education in a rapidly evolving digital landscape.

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