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UAE Education in the Digital Era: Balancing Technology and Learning

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The digital revolution in UAE education is marked by a 99% increase in digital device usage since the Covid pandemic, fundamentally altering the learning landscape. Students like Abdulrahman Jamal from Applied Technology School now rely on digital applications for books and notes, reflecting a shift from traditional school bags brimming with textbooks. However, the integration of technology in education isn’t without challenges. Fardad Kamran, a student from Providence English Private School, highlights the issue of digital distractions, particularly social media use during lessons. This calls for special restrictions and guidelines in classrooms to ensure technology aids rather than hinders learning. On a more philosophical note, Abigail Chedera from Westminster High School discusses the balance between technology and human aspects of learning. She underscores the importance of not losing touch with humanity while embracing digital tools, advocating for a balanced approach to digital learning. Her insights align with studies showing a positive correlation between technology use and improved student performance. This evolving educational paradigm in the UAE thus poses both opportunities for enhanced learning and challenges in maintaining engagement and human connection.

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