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UAE-Educated 19-Year-Old Showcased as Top Mentor in Times Square

Advait Arya appeared on Times Square's massive displays as a noteworthy mentor for an international boutique consultancy.

Nineteen-year-old Advait Arya, a former student of Raha International School in Abu Dhabi, graced the colossal screens of Times Square as a standout mentor for a multinational boutique consultancy. 

The iconic location in New York City, renowned for its vibrant digital billboards, featured Advait’s mentorship services numerous times throughout November 2023.

Exceptional Journey from Student to Elite Mentor:

Advait’s journey from student to accomplished mentor includes securing coveted internships at Barclays Investment Banking London and EY Assurance London, with less than two percent acceptance rates. 

His proficiency in navigating these competitive processes led to his selection as a mentor at LeapBeyond, a platform aiding aspiring students in securing similar internships.

Recognized for Mentorship Excellence:

LeapBeyond recognized Advait among its top 10 mentors and commemorated this achievement by showcasing them on a billboard at the heart of Times Square. 

His dedication to assisting fellow students with application processes, drawing from personal experience, propelled him to be regarded as one of the platform’s elite mentors.

Guiding Others through Complex Application Procedures:

Advait’s role involves:

  • Guiding students through multifaceted application procedures.
  • Encompassing CV submissions.
  • Online assessments.
  • Interviews.
  • In-person evaluations at office assessment centers.

His success in helping candidates navigate these stages reinforces his status as a respected mentor.

Embracing the Monumental Moment at Times Square:

Reflecting on the experience, Advait expressed immense pride, considering Times Square a pinnacle destination in New York City. 

The thrill of being showcased there elicited congratulatory messages, evoking a sense of accomplishment for himself and his family. 

Expressing gratitude to his parents in the video added significance to the moment.

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