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UAE Diving Instructor Sara Gojer Champions Shark Conservation Through Education and Experience

UAE Diving Instructor Sara Gojer Champions Shark Conservation Through Education and Experience

In the vast expanse of the ocean, one woman is on a mission to change perceptions about one of its most misunderstood inhabitants: sharks. Meet Sara Gojer, a diving instructor and passionate advocate for shark conservation in the UAE.

From India to Dubai: A Journey of Discovery

Sara Gojer, also known as local DJ Sara G, found her love for diving and sharks around five years ago after moving to Dubai. Despite the common fear associated with these predators, Sara saw beyond the myths perpetuated by movies like Jaws. Instead, she recognized sharks’ vital role in maintaining ocean ecosystems and became determined to share this knowledge with others.

A Passion for Shark Conservation

Driven by her passion for marine life, Sara immersed herself in shark conservation efforts. She completed various courses in shark conservation, becoming a qualified Master Scuba Diver Trainer and an ambassador for the Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI).

Locally, Sara hosts shark dives at the National Aquarium in Abu Dhabi and the Dubai Aquarium, introducing participants to these majestic creatures in a controlled environment. Additionally, she organizes dives to Fujairah, where harmless species like whitetip and blacktip reef sharks abound.

Ethical Diving Practices

Unlike some diving companies that use cages to interact with sharks, Sara advocates for ethical practices that prioritize respect for these animals. She emphasizes the importance of remaining calm and maintaining eye contact while diving with sharks, ensuring a safe and mutually respectful experience for both humans and sharks alike.

Educating Through Experience

Through her diving excursions, Sara provides firsthand experiences with sharks, dispelling misconceptions and fostering appreciation for these creatures. From swimming with tiger sharks in the Maldives to encountering whale sharks in Oman, Sara’s adventures offer participants a deeper understanding of shark behavior and the critical role they play in marine ecosystems.

Conservation Through Education

For Sara, shark conservation goes hand in hand with education. By educating others about sharks’ ecological importance and dispelling myths surrounding their behavior, she hopes to inspire greater efforts to protect these vulnerable species. Whether swimming with sharks in aquariums or exploring their natural habitats, Sara’s goal is to raise awareness and promote conservation efforts.

As Sara Gojer continues to share her passion for sharks through diving experiences and education, she is not only changing perceptions but also shaping a future where these magnificent creatures are respected and protected for generations to come.

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