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UAE diving instructor leads cleanup efforts at La Mer Beach

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Directed by British expat Chloe Griffin, Chloe Blue Diving Club conducts monthly trash dives at La Mer Dubai.

Beach Days with a Purpose

While most UAE residents visit La Mer beach for leisurely activities like swimming and sunbathing, diving instructor Chloe Griffin has turned her beach days into a mission to combat ocean pollution. As the founder of Chloe Blue Diving Club, a 34-year-old British national, Chloe has been organizing marine debris dives every month for the past three years.

A Dedicated Cleanup Crew

Chloe Griffin, along with her dedicated team of volunteers, has been tirelessly working to collect bits of litter and human-created waste from the ocean waters surrounding the La Mer coastline. Their efforts have resulted in the removal of approximately 500 kilograms of ocean debris.

Environmental Stewardship Under PADI’s Initiative

Chloe has taken on the responsibility of maintaining the area beneath the PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors) Adopt a Dive Site scheme. This initiative showcases her commitment to not only cleaning up the marine environment but also actively preserving and protecting it for the future.

Chloe Griffin’s remarkable dedication to combating ocean pollution and preserving the beauty of La Mer Beach serves as an inspiring example of environmental stewardship, encouraging others to take proactive steps towards a cleaner and healthier marine ecosystem.

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