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UAE Discontinues Three-Month Visit Visas, Introduces Alternatives

Visitors can now choose between 30- and 60-day visit visas, according to the contact centre executive, implying that travel companies are authorised to issue these visas.

According to a Federal Authority for Identity, Citizenship, Customs & Port Security (ICP) call center executive, the issuance of three-month visit visas in the UAE has been discontinued. 

This change in visa policy brings adjustments to the options available for visitors to the UAE.

The call center executive confirmed that visitors can now opt for 30- or 60-day visit visas, indicating that travel agencies are authorized to issue these visas.

Temporary Suspension of Three-Month Visit Visas:

Travel agents in the UAE have corroborated this information, reporting that the option to request a three-month visit visa is currently unavailable on their portals. 

This suspension appeared temporary and was initially introduced during the COVID-19 pandemic, with a 60-day visit visa as an alternative.

Specific Cases for 90-Day Visas:

While the three-month visit visa has been discontinued, in Dubai, a 90-day visa is still issued to visitors who are first-degree relatives of residents. 

Residents can bring their parents or relatives to the UAE for an extended stay.

Alternative Visa Options:

Visitors to the UAE seeking longer stays have various alternatives, including job exploration visas and 5-year multiple entry visas.

The job exploration visa allows individuals to enter the UAE and search for employment opportunities. 

It is available for 60, 90, and 120 days, with varying fees and financial guarantees required. This visa can be obtained through digital channels or Amer centers.

5-Year Multiple Entry Visa:

The 5-year multiple-entry visa allows visitors to enter the UAE multiple times through self-sponsorship, allowing a 90-day stay during each visit. 

This option is especially beneficial for families from abroad looking to spend extended periods with their loved ones in the UAE.

Categories for Green Visa:

The Green Visa is issued in three categories: Investor/partner, high-level skilled worker, and self-employment. 

Applicants must provide supporting documents, including a six-month bank statement, and can apply through various channels.

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