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UAE Disaster Victim Identification Team: heroes in Derna’s flooding disaster

The UAE crew is part of an ongoing effort to reduce the humanitarian situation in Libya.

The UAE crew is part of an ongoing effort to reduce the humanitarian situation in Libya.


The UAE Disaster Victim Identification team has displayed unwavering commitment to a humanitarian mission in Libya, coming to the aid of those affected by the devastating flooding disaster in Derna. 

Their extraordinary efforts have not only helped locate missing individuals but have also provided crucial assistance and relief to the afflicted population.

Locating the Missing

In the aftermath of the flooding disaster, the UAE team played a pivotal role in locating 181 people who had gone missing. Their dedication to this task helped reunite families and alleviate the anxiety of loved ones.

Aiding Displaced Individuals

Beyond their identification efforts, the UAE team worked alongside Libyan authorities and local teams to provide aid and relief to those affected and displaced by the disaster. 

Their support included delivering essential supplies and offering assistance to ensure the well-being of survivors.

Retrieving the Deceased

In a heart-wrenching task, the team also undertook the challenging mission of retrieving the remains of the deceased. 

They combed through houses, beaches, and debris to bring closure to grieving families and accord a dignified farewell to the victims.

Unprecedented Specialized Tasks

The UAE Disaster Victim Identification team has made history by being the first of its kind in the world to arrive in Derna and execute such specialized and vital tasks. 

Their presence underscores the UAE’s commitment to global humanitarian efforts and their determination to make a meaningful difference in the face of adversity.


The UAE Disaster Victim Identification team’s selfless and tireless work in the wake of the flooding disaster in Derna exemplifies the highest ideals of humanitarianism. 

Their accomplishments not only reflect the UAE’s dedication to global outreach but also stand as a testament to the remarkable impact that a dedicated team can have in times of crisis.

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