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UAE Desert Rescues: Helicopter Evacuations Save Injured Cyclists

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In a series of remarkable rescue operations in the UAE, several expats have been successfully evacuated from desert regions following severe bicycle accidents. These incidents highlight the prompt response and efficiency of the UAE’s emergency services in handling critical situations in challenging terrains.

Asian National Rescued in Nazwa Region

In a recent operation, the National Search and Rescue Center (NSRC), in coordination with Sharjah Police, carried out a medical evacuation in the Nazwa region. An expat of Asian nationality, who had sustained severe back injuries and other bodily harm in a bicycle accident, was airlifted from the Sharjah desert. The individual was swiftly transported to Al Zayed hospital for necessary medical treatment​​.

American Cyclist Evacuated from Al Faya Desert

Another notable rescue involved an American cyclist in the Al Faya Desert of Sharjah. The National Search and Rescue Centre of the National Guard, together with Sharjah Police, executed a medical evacuation following the cyclist’s accident. The injured cyclist was airlifted by Search and Rescue Aircraft and taken to Al Zayed Hospital, where they received essential treatment for their serious injuries​​.

French Cyclist’s Rescue from Nawza Desert

In a similar vein, a French cyclist was rescued from the Nawza desert in Sharjah after suffering serious injuries in an accident. The collaborative effort of the National Search and Rescue Centre of the National Guard and Sharjah Police ensured the swift evacuation of the injured cyclist. They were transported to Al Zayed Hospital for the necessary medical attention​​.

Emphasis on Desert Safety

These incidents underscore the importance of taking safety precautions when engaging in activities in the desert. The UAE’s emergency services demonstrate a high level of preparedness and capability to conduct rescue operations in such remote and challenging environments.

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