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UAE Cyclists Face Strict Regulations for Carrying Bicycles on Roads

An Abu Dhabi cyclist was fined Dh400 for hiding his car's licence plate with his bicycle mounted on the back of his vehicle.

With winter’s arrival in the UAE, cyclists are eager to hit the roads. However, it’s essential to be aware that cycling rules in the country go beyond obeying traffic signs and lanes. 

Strict regulations pertain to the transportation of bicycles on car carriers, with fines for non-compliance.

A Costly Lesson for Obscured Number Plates:

An Abu Dhabi resident and cycling enthusiast known as JO learned this lesson the hard way. He was slapped with a Dh400 fine for obscuring his car’s number plate with his bicycle mounted on the rear of his vehicle. 

Drivers must use an additional number plate when attaching bicycles to their cars to maintain clear visibility.

In response to such incidents, Abu Dhabi Police initiated an awareness campaign encouraging drivers to affix an extra number plate to the bicycle holder at the rear of their cars. 

Blocking the car’s number plate is considered a traffic violation, subject to fines.

Dubai Ride Participants Aware of Regulations:

Cycling enthusiasts like G Sahany and Mohtashim Rizvi have embraced the regulations. Sahany, participating in the Dubai Ride with his son, is now aware of the rules and is cautious about potential fines. 

Rizvi, who frequents Mushrif Park for cycling, plans to request an additional number plate to ensure compliance.

Applying for Additional Number Plates:

Residents can apply through the Road and Transport Authority (RTA) website to obtain an additional number plate for a mounted bicycle rack.

The process is straightforward, costing Dh35 for a standard plate or Dh200 for a Dubai-branded or Expo plate. The application takes only “three minutes” to complete online.

Abu Dhabi Police have committed to intensifying traffic enforcement and taking legal action against vehicles that fail to display license plate numbers by federal traffic regulations.

Acquiring Extra Number Plates in Abu Dhabi:

Residents in Abu Dhabi can acquire additional number plates for cycle racks at any Abu Dhabi Police station service center. 

The process entails a technical examination, payment of the prescribed fee, and the issuance of the extra plate.

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