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UAE Cybersecurity Council Urges Apple Users to Update Systems

CSC in the UAE has issued an urgent advise advising Apple users to update to the latest versions of their systems.

The Cybersecurity Council (CSC) in the UAE has issued an urgent advisory urging Apple users to update their systems to the latest versions to prevent a potential leakage of confidential information. 

The advisory highlights “several vulnerabilities across all its systems” that hackers could exploit to remotely execute commands, gain high-level privileges, or access sensitive information on affected systems.

Security Updates Addressing Vulnerabilities:

Apple has released urgent security updates to address these vulnerabilities, and the CSC emphasizes the importance of users promptly updating their Apple products’ operating systems. 

The vulnerabilities pose a significant risk of unauthorized access and potential data breaches.

Updated Versions for Various Apple Products:

To ensure the security of Apple devices, users are urged to update to the latest versions of the operating systems. 

The advisory lists the latest versions for different Apple products, including Safari, iOS for iPhones, watchOS for Apple Watches, macOS for Mac computers, tvOS for Apple TV, and watchOS for Apple Watches.

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