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UAE Crime News: Couple Sentenced to 66 Years in Jail for Multiple Offenses

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In a remarkable criminal case, a UAE citizen and his wife have been sentenced to a total of 66 years in prison, following convictions in 12 different cases. The Abu Dhabi Court of Cassation imposed this significant sentence, which also includes a fine of Dh39 million. This ruling is a testament to the UAE’s stringent stance on criminal activities and its commitment to upholding the law.

The Nature of the Crimes

The couple, along with 16 other defendants of various nationalities, were found guilty of a range of offenses including:

  • Harming public funds
  • Forgery
  • Bribery
  • Profiteering
  • Appropriation
  • Commercial fraud
  • Disrupting a public facility

These crimes collectively paint a picture of a complex criminal operation, impacting public safety and trust.

The Scope of Their Operation

The court’s findings revealed that the accused had established private warehouses for storing expired food and other consumer materials. They then engaged in the illegal practice of re-selling these items by amending the expiration dates, endangering public health. Their actions included altering product features and providing misleading commercial data, particularly concerning organic food products.

Additional Convictions

Besides the aforementioned crimes, the defendants were also convicted of:

  • Soliciting and accepting gifts in exchange for influence
  • Illegal water and electricity manipulations
  • Attempting to appropriate public roads
  • Forging official documents and electronic files

These actions further demonstrate the varied and serious nature of their criminal activities.

Penalties for Other Defendants

The other defendants involved received prison sentences ranging from three to 15 years, along with a collective fine of Dh13 million. These penalties highlight the UAE’s comprehensive approach to penalizing all involved in such elaborate schemes.

Implications of the Ruling

This case underscores the UAE’s commitment to clamping down on criminal activities, especially those that pose a risk to public health and resources. The hefty prison sentences and fines serve as a strong deterrent to others who might contemplate similar offenses.

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