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UAE Condemns Dutch Politician’s Remarks on Palestinian Displacement

The UAE has severely condemned Dutch MP Geert Wilders' recent remarks about the displacement of Palestinians.

The UAE, via its embassy in Hague, has strongly denounced the recent comments made by Dutch parliamentarian Geert Wilders concerning the displacement of the Palestinian people to Jordan. 

The UAE categorizes these remarks as interference in Jordan’s internal affairs and firmly opposes such actions.

Solidarity with Jordan and Palestinian Rights:

The UAE emphasizes the importance of respecting Jordan’s sovereignty by expressing complete solidarity with Jordan. 

Additionally, the UAE staunchly supports the rights of the Palestinian people, rejecting any denial of their entitlement to an independent state.

Jordan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates joined in condemning Wilders’ remarks, labeling them as unfounded and embodying racist viewpoints. 

The spokesperson emphasized the need to combat and denounce the culture of hatred underlying such extremist stances.

Wilders’ Controversial Profile:

Geert Wilders likened to the Dutch Donald Trump, has a history of contentious remarks and legal issues.

His prior conviction for insulting Moroccans and a ban from entering Britain underscore his controversial stance on immigration and Islam in Europe.

Political Triumph and Future Prospects:

Despite his controversial past, Wilders recently secured a significant victory in a Dutch election, positioning himself to potentially form the next governing coalition and potentially assume the role of the Netherlands’ prime minister. 

His campaign platform includes proposals for a referendum on leaving the European Union and stringent measures on immigration and Islamic institutions, albeit within legal boundaries.

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