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UAE Comprehensive Efforts Towards Accessibility for People of Determination

The Dubai Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has pushed several projects to improve accessibility for determined individuals.

The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) in Dubai has spearheaded numerous initiatives to ensure accessibility for people of determination, prioritizing their needs within the city’s transportation systems and infrastructure.

RTA’s Services and Features:

Dubai Metro Services:

  • Specialized Nol Card: People of determination can access a personalized Nol card, enabling free travel on Dubai Metro and public buses for five years.
  • Accessibility Features: Metro platforms include tactile paths for the visually impaired, designated spaces for wheelchair users, cautionary announcements in both audio and visual formats, accessible toilets, wheelchair-friendly lifts, audiovisual indicators for train arrivals, wheelchair-accessible handrests, emergency stop buttons on escalators, and dedicated parking spaces.

Public Buses:

  • Wheelchair Accessibility: New buses offer lowered floor levels for easy boarding and alighting for wheelchair users. Push buttons for signaling stops are strategically located.
  • Amenities: Many bus stops feature air-conditioned shelters for passenger comfort.

Marine Transport:

  • Accessibility Measures: Water buses and ferries accommodate wheelchairs, with employees available at marinas to assist people of determination. LCD monitors display crucial information and safety procedures.

Dubai Taxi Services:

  • Specialized Taxis: Five dedicated taxis with onboard wheelchairs, wheelchair lifts, artificial respiratory systems, and companion seats operate 24/7 across the emirate. Specially trained drivers manage these taxis, following the standard fare system.

Roads and Parking:

  • Accessible Pavements: Lowered pavement heights near crossings and junctions facilitate easier movement for wheelchair users. Pedestrian crossing signal timings consider the movement speed of people of determination.
  • Infrastructure: Footbridges across the city include lifts for enhanced accessibility. Special parking permits exempt people of determination from paying Salik on one vehicle, with the recent digitization facilitating easy use for up to five vehicles per permit.
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