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UAE Companies Embrace Flexibility for Employees During Ramadan

As Ramadan commenced, private companies in the UAE swiftly adapted their working hours to accommodate the holy month, emphasizing flexibility and balance for their employees. The Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation mandated a two-hour reduction in working hours for the private sector during Ramadan, allowing companies to implement this adjustment according to their operational requirements.

Acer Middle East & Africa: Acer Middle East & Africa, a technology company with offices in Jebel Ali, introduced six-hour working days, offering fasting employees the flexibility to schedule their hours as needed to observe Ramadan rituals without undue stress. HR Manager Darshika Lewis emphasized that this approach aims to accommodate fasting requirements while ensuring productivity.

TishTash: TishTash, a marketing and public relations agency in Dubai, adopted a policy offering two shift options to its employees, providing flexibility to balance work and personal commitments. Founder Natasha Hatherall highlighted the importance of accommodating diverse lifestyles and school schedules, underscoring the need for individualized solutions.

SLS Dubai: SLS Dubai, a luxury hotel in Downtown Dubai, adjusted working hours to accommodate fasting employees, reducing hours by three before iftar and two after, with fair compensation for overtime. The hotel’s representative emphasized the importance of respecting religious practices while maintaining business operations.

Dubizzle: Dubizzle, a classifieds website, experiences increased activity during Ramadan, particularly in Dubizzle Cars. Suzanne Gandy, Director of HR, outlined the company’s approach of balancing customer interactions with employees’ religious obligations, ensuring productivity without compromising spiritual observance.

Legal Rights: Financial adviser Keren Bobker stressed employees’ rights to compensation for extra time worked during Ramadan, emphasizing that no employee should be forced to work full hours. Bobker advised employees to assert their rights and report non-compliance to the Ministry for Human Resources and Emiratisation if necessary.

In summary, UAE companies prioritize flexibility and employee well-being during Ramadan, exemplifying a commitment to fostering a supportive work environment while honoring religious traditions.

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