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UAE Commuters Urged to Check Service Status Amid Bad Weather

Due to the continued inclement weather, the RTA has announced the temporary suspension of several intercity bus lines.

Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has declared the provisional suspension of select intercity bus routes due to unstable weather conditions. 

Route E315 to Sharjah and E411 to Ajman will remain non-operational “until further notice,” as stated in the advisory.

Impact of Heavy Rainfall:

Today’s heavy downpour has led to significant disruptions in transportation across the country, causing standstill traffic in various areas due to flooded roads. 

Notably, the inclement weather has affected even major routes like Sheikh Zayed Road in Dubai.

Commuter Alert and Road Conditions:

Commuters relying on bus services are advised to check the status of their routes amid the weather-related challenges. 

Additionally, travelers heading towards Sharjah are cautioned about a flooded section on Sheikh Mohamed Bin Zayed Road, emphasizing the need for caution and alternative travel arrangements.

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