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UAE collaborates with Egypt to provide emergency care for children from Gaza

Young Palestinian patients will be moved to Cairo and Abu Dhabi for treatment as part of the campaign.

Young Palestinian patients will be moved to Cairo and Abu Dhabi for treatment as part of the campaign.


Burjeel Holdings, a prominent healthcare organization in the United Arab Emirates, has formed a strategic partnership with two Egyptian medical groups, Response Plus Holding (RPM) and Cleopatra Hospitals Group. 

Together, they are launching an initiative to offer emergency medical care to children who have been injured in the conflict in Gaza. The focus is on ensuring these young patients receive the highest standard of care.

Medical Transportation to Cairo and Abu Dhabi:

The partnership between Burjeel Holdings and RPM aims to facilitate the safe transportation of children in need of secondary and tertiary medical care to hospitals in both Cairo and Abu Dhabi. 

This collaborative effort ensures that these young patients are swiftly transported to facilities where they can access advanced medical treatments.

Specialized Care for Complex Conditions:

Children with advanced medical needs, including those requiring specialized care for complex conditions such as orthopedic issues, pediatric and neonatal intensive care, surgical interventions, and plastic and reconstructive surgeries, will find comprehensive support at Burjeel Medical City in Abu Dhabi. 

This world-class medical facility is equipped to provide the high-end care necessary for complex medical cases.

Supporting the Most Vulnerable:

This joint initiative underscores the commitment of these medical groups to providing crucial support to children affected by the conflict in Gaza. By offering specialized medical care, they aim to help these young patients recover and rebuild their lives. It is a demonstration of regional cooperation in delivering vital healthcare services during times of crisis.

This collaborative effort between Burjeel Holdings, RPM, and Cleopatra Hospitals Group reflects a dedication to humanitarian values and the belief that healthcare knows no boundaries. 

It is a testament to the importance of international cooperation in ensuring that those in need receive the best medical care available.

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