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UAE Clarifies Anti-Rumours and Cybercrime Law Provisions for Privacy

The ADJD summarises the UAE's anti-rumors and cybercrime legislation, emphasising rigorous privacy safeguards.

The Abu Dhabi Judicial Authority (ADJD) outlines details of the UAE’s anti-rumours and cybercrime law, emphasizing strict measures against privacy violations. 

Individuals who reveal secrets, record or share conversations, or capture and disseminate images without consent can face hefty fines ranging from Dh150,000 to Dh500,000.

Protecting Personal Space:

With the widespread use of smart technologies, the law aims to ensure the respect of individuals’ personal space and boundaries. 

The ADJD’s awareness drive highlights the prohibition of recording or sharing conversations, taking unauthorized pictures, and other actions that breach someone’s privacy.

Stringent Penalties for Offenders:

Offenses under the anti-rumors and cybercrime law include:

  • Sharing private information without consent.
  • Disclosing conversations and audio-visual materials.
  • Publishing photos of the injured or deceased without permission.

Violators may face imprisonment for at least six months in addition to fines.

Altered Content Raises Penalties:

Penalties escalate to a minimum of one year in jail and fines of Dh250,000 to Dh500,000 if voice notes, photos, or scenes are altered to defame or offend another person. 

The ADJD underscores the seriousness of privacy violations and the legal consequences for those engaging in such activities.

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