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UAE Citizens to Enjoy Visa-Free Travel to the UK from February 2024

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A Landmark Decision for Ease of Travel

The United Arab Emirates has marked a significant milestone in its international relations, particularly with the United Kingdom. Starting February 1, 2024, UAE citizens will no longer require a pre-entry visa for travel to the UK. This development, as announced by the UAE Embassy in London, ushers in a new era of ease and accessibility for Emirati travelers.

The Electronic Travel Authorisation (ETA) Scheme

The introduction of the ‘Electronic Travel Authorisation’ (ETA) scheme is at the core of this new travel arrangement. Emiratis planning to visit the UK can apply for an ETA through the ‘UK ETA’ app or the GOV.UK website from February 1. The ETA, priced at £10 (approximately Dh47), allows for an unlimited number of entries over a two-year period, simplifying travel plans for UAE citizens.

Collaborative Efforts Bearing Fruit

This significant change is the result of four years of collaborative efforts, symbolizing the commitment to strengthening the ties between the UAE and the UK. The UAE Embassy in the UK highlighted this development as a new chapter in the relationship between the two countries.

Application Process and Details

The ETA application process is designed to be quick, light-touch, and entirely digital, mostly done via a mobile app. Applicants will receive swift decisions on their applications. It is important to note that the ETA is not a visa but an authorisation to travel to the UK. Upon arrival, visitors will still need to obtain leave to enter through the usual process.

A Step Towards Enhanced Border Security

The UK’s ETA scheme aligns with the approaches of other international partners like the USA, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. Applicants will provide biometric details and answer suitability questions, helping to prevent entry by potentially dangerous individuals.


This development is a leap forward in facilitating travel for UAE citizens, reflecting the strong diplomatic relationship between the UAE and the UK. It promises to enhance personal, business, and cultural exchanges between the two nations.

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