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UAE Central Bank Unveils New Polymer Dh500 Banknote

The UAE Central Bank released a new Dh500 polymer notes on Wednesday, meant to improve security.

The UAE Central Bank has introduced a new Dh500 polymer banknote, announced on Wednesday, designed to enhance durability, security, and sustainability within the nation’s currency.

Distinctive Features and Circulation Date:

Scheduled for circulation from Thursday, November 30, the new banknote retains the familiar blue hue for easy identification. 

It incorporates distinct elements showcasing the UAE’s commitment to sustainable development, cultural landmarks, and futuristic visions.

The front side of the banknote features the striking architecture of the Terra Sustainability Pavilion in Expo City Dubai. 

This imagery symbolizes the UAE’s dedication to a sustainable future, reflecting the visionary principles of the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan.

Cultural Significance on the Reverse Side:

The reverse side highlights the Museum of the Future in Dubai, serving as a bridge between the past and the future, representing an architectural marvel that embodies innovation.

Iconic landmarks such as Emirates Towers and the renowned Burj Khalifa are also showcased, emphasizing sustainability through solar power.

Polymer Material and Environmental Impact:

In a conscious stride toward sustainability, the CBUAE has chosen polymer material for the new banknote, significantly enhancing durability and reducing environmental impact through recyclability.

Integrating sophisticated security measures, the banknote utilizes multicolored security chip technology known as KINEGRAM COLORS®. 

This advanced foil strip technology, previously implemented in the new version of the Dh1000 banknote, marks the UAE as a pioneering adopter in the European, Middle Eastern, and African regions, aimed at combatting counterfeiting effectively.

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