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UAE central bank grants retail payment services license to Amazon payment services

Amazon Payment Services retail payment authorization in the UAE.

Amazon Payment Services retail payment authorization in the UAE.

License Approval

Amazon Payment Services has achieved a significant milestone by obtaining a Retail Payment Services license from the UAE Central Bank. 

This regulatory approval marks a pivotal moment for the company, opening doors for expanded services and offerings to benefit merchants across the UAE.

Enhanced Merchant Offerings

The newly acquired license empowers Amazon Payment Services to provide an enriched set of products and services to merchants in the country. 

This expansion directly contributes to an improved experience for both businesses and their customers. 

The unique offerings enabled by this license are expected to enhance the overall commerce ecosystem in the UAE, bringing convenience and innovation to the forefront.

Amazon Payment Services is now better positioned to cater to the evolving payment needs of its merchant partners, ensuring smoother transactions and more comprehensive financial solutions for businesses operating in the UAE.

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