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UAE Car Repair Shops Witness Surge in Rain-Related Damages

Due to the recent severe rainfall, car repair firms in the UAE have reported an increase in inquiries and bookings.

Car repair shops in the UAE report a spike in inquiries and appointments due to damages incurred during recent heavy rainfall. 

Drivers across the Emirates seek assistance for various car issues from navigating waterlogged roads.

According to Sony Rajappan, an automobile expert at Car Lynx in Al Quoz, damages from flooded engines and compromised braking systems translate into unexpected repair costs for affected drivers. The rainfall’s impact has been extensive, leading to significant repairs.

Common Car Issues Post-Rainfall:

Mechanics like Bilal Ahmed from Rukn al Majaz workshop in Ras Al Khor highlight brake problems, tire liner wear, and undercover damage. 

Sedans and low-floor cars, in particular, require attention due to their susceptibility to damage in such conditions.

Experts emphasize the dangers of driving through water pools, cautioning against the potential damage caused to essential car components. 

Heavy acceleration to exit waterlogged areas poses risks like engine seizing and malfunctioning crucial modules at lower positions in many car models.

Cautionary Measures and Vehicle Selection:

Advising against using low-ground-clearance cars during the rainy season, experts suggest opting for higher-ground-clearance vehicles like SUVs to minimize the risk of water entry and damage to critical components. 

Choosing vehicles with better ground clearance ensures a safer driving experience during adverse weather conditions.

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