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UAE businesses donate profits to Support Palestinians affected by Israel-Gaza war

Donations will be sent to the Emirates Red Crescent and Palestine Children's Relief Fund.

Donations will be sent to the Emirates Red Crescent and Palestine Children’s Relief Fund.


Several businesses in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) are taking a philanthropic stance by contributing their profits to assist Palestinians impacted by the Israel-Gaza conflict. 

This article highlights their endeavors to support humanitarian causes in the region.

Supporting Organizations

The generous contributions are channeled towards two key organizations: the Palestine Children’s Relief Fund (PCRF) and the Emirates Red Crescent (ERC). 

These organizations are pivotal in providing relief and assistance to those affected by the ongoing conflict.

Rugzze: An Example of Corporate Compassion

One prominent example is Rugzze, an online carpet shop that has pledged to donate a portion of its earnings from each order to the UAE’s Compassion for Gaza campaign. 

The founders, sisters Noura and Mariam Altamimi, aged 32 and 19, respectively, share their motivation for getting involved.

Noura and Mariam Altamimi’s Dedication

The founders, Noura and Mariam Altamimi, explain that the harrowing situation in Gaza has stirred their desire to support the Palestinian people. 

Their country’s humanitarian approach has provided the framework for their initiative, as they collaborate with Compassion for Gaza (Tarahum) to make a meaningful impact during these trying circumstances.


These altruistic efforts from UAE businesses and individuals demonstrate the profound impact that compassionate entrepreneurship can have on alleviating the suffering of those affected by international conflicts. 

This solidarity and generosity serve as a testament to the power of individuals and companies to make a positive difference in the world, even in the face of challenging global issues.

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