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UAE Breaks World Record with Largest Boat-Formed Word: ‘UAE’

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The UAE has clinched a new Guinness World Records title by forming the largest word using boats, assembling over 50 vessels at Al Lulu Island in Abu Dhabi to spell out the acronym ‘UAE.’

In celebration of the country’s 52nd National Day, the boat tie-up organized by the Captain’s Club initially aimed to symbolize the number 52. Still, it evolved into a dedication to the UAE, culminating in the creation of the acronym.

Creative Execution:

Bashar Mihyar, Marketing Director at the Captain’s Club, highlighted the meticulous planning and execution of the event, beginning with the relocation of boats from various marinas to Al Lulu Island. The endeavor commenced at 1 am, with teams working diligently until sunrise to arrange the boats into the formation.

Organizational Efforts:

The coordination involved setting up anchors, deploying drones, and employing skilled professionals to measure and ensure precision in the formation.

Mihyar emphasized the challenges faced, particularly in stabilizing the 52 boats, highlighting the complexity of docking boats in the open sea compared to parking cars.

Precision and Challenges:

The display, spanning 380 meters in width and 155 meters in height, demanded meticulous attention to detail. Executing the formation took approximately seven-and-a-half hours, involving 64 captains working in tandem to secure each boat precisely, using a specific four-point anchor system to maintain stability.

Technical Aspects and Methodology:

Parking boats involved overcoming multiple challenges, given the absence of a dedicated jetty or marina. The team meticulously anchored each vessel from the front and back to maintain straight lines, adhering to precise calculations as per Guinness World Records guidelines.

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