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UAE Braces for Showers and Fluctuating Temperatures

A weather alert for the UAE has been issued by the National Centre of Meteorology, predicting partly overcast to cloudy sky with a chance of convective clouds.

The National Centre of Meteorology has issued a weather advisory for the UAE, indicating partly cloudy to cloudy skies with a chance of convective clouds, potentially leading to rainfall in coastal, northern, and eastern areas. 

Residents are advised to carry umbrellas and stay prepared for sudden showers.

Recent Storms and Flooding:

Parts of the UAE, including Ajman, experienced storms last evening, causing road floods. 

The Storm Centre shared videos highlighting the hazardous weather conditions, emphasizing the need for caution while traveling. 

Showers were also reported in specific areas of Dubai, with heavy rainfall observed near Muhaisnah and Al Twar during the early hours.

Variable Wind Patterns and Temperature Fluctuations:

Today, the weather forecast predicts light to moderate Northwesterly winds, occasionally fresh to strong, accompanied by blowing dust and sand due to cloudy conditions. 

Temperatures are expected to range from a high of 35ºC in some parts of the country to as low as 24ºC in Abu Dhabi and Dubai. Mountainous regions may experience even cooler temperatures, dropping to 12ºC.

Humidity Levels and Sea Conditions:

Humidity levels are estimated to range from 35% to 70% in Abu Dhabi and 30% to 70% in Dubai, indicating varying moisture levels in the air. 

At sea, conditions will be moderate to rough intermittently in the Arabian Gulf due to cloud cover, while the Oman Sea is expected to experience slight to moderate waves.

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