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UAE Braces for Rainfall in Last 10 Days of March, Weather Experts Forecast”

UAE Braces for Rainfall in Last 10 Days of March, Weather Experts Forecast"

Following a period of pleasant weather after heavy rains last month, residents of the UAE are eagerly anticipating another bout of rainfall as temperatures begin to rise once more. Weather experts at the ‘Storm Centre’ have issued a forecast indicating the likelihood of rains in the last 10 days of March.

The forecast, shared by the Storm Centre, includes a map depicting the anticipated precipitation across the UAE. Coastal areas are expected to receive lighter rainfall ranging between 10mm and 40mm, while internal areas may experience heavier precipitation ranging between 50mm and 80mm.

Abu Dhabi residents can anticipate varying intensities of rainfall, with coastal areas expected to receive between 10mm to 20mm of precipitation and internal areas forecasted to receive between 25mm to 50mm. Similarly, Dubai and Sharjah are expected to witness substantial rainfall, with coastal areas predicted to receive between 15mm and 50mm of accumulated precipitation.

Additionally, the National Centre of Meteorology has provided a forecast for the upcoming week:

  • Sunday, March 17: The day will be partly cloudy, with occasional cloud cover over the islands and some coastal and Northern areas. There is a probability of light rainfall, with increased humidity expected by night and Monday morning, potentially leading to mist formation over certain coastal and internal areas.
  • Monday, March 18: Expect fair to partly cloudy conditions, with intermittent cloud cover in some Western and Eastern areas during the day. Light to moderate Northwesterly winds will prevail, gradually shifting to Southeasterly, with speeds ranging between 10 – 20kmph and reaching up to 30kmph.
  • Tuesday, March 19: Partly cloudy to cloudy conditions are anticipated over islands and certain northern and eastern areas by night and Wednesday morning.
  • Wednesday, March 20: A decrease in temperatures is expected, particularly westward, accompanied by increased humidity by night and Thursday morning over some internal areas.

As residents prepare for the potential rainfall in the coming days, authorities advise staying updated on weather forecasts and taking necessary precautions to ensure safety and preparedness.

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