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UAE Braces for Rainfall as Authorities Issue Weather Warnings

UAE Braces for Rainfall as Authorities Issue Weather Warnings

Light Showers Sweep Across Emirates, More Rain Expected Next Week

In a bid to inform the public about the impending weather changes, UAE authorities have issued warnings as light rain showers commenced across several regions. The National Centre of Meteorology reported the onset of light rain in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Ras Al Khaimah, Umm Al Quwain, and Al Ain early Saturday morning. This announcement comes as the country prepares for anticipated downpours forecasted for the upcoming week.

Abu Dhabi Police urged motorists to exercise caution on the roads due to the unsettled weather conditions, advising adherence to variable speed limits as indicated by road signs. The cautionary message follows a red weather alert issued earlier due to heavy fog in Abu Dhabi and Al Ain, emphasizing the importance of heightened awareness during adverse weather events.

According to meteorological forecasts, rain is expected to persist over the weekend, particularly in western and coastal areas where clouds are anticipated to form on Saturday. Temperatures are projected to reach up to 26°C in Abu Dhabi and 28°C in Dubai on Saturday, with showers expected to continue into Sunday.

As the week progresses, the likelihood of consistent rainfall remains, with Monday and Tuesday anticipated to see increased shower activity. Despite the rainy conditions, temperatures are expected to rise slightly, with peaks reaching 32°C in Abu Dhabi and Dubai on Monday. However, a shift in weather patterns is forecasted for Tuesday, with lower temperatures and continued rainfall expected throughout the day.

Earlier this month, the UAE experienced severe stormy weather, particularly impacting Dubai, where adverse conditions led to flight cancellations and public advisories urging residents to avoid unnecessary outdoor activities. Given the hazardous road conditions, authorities stressed the importance of exercising caution and minimizing travel unless absolutely essential.

As the country prepares for further rainfall, authorities continue to monitor weather patterns closely, emphasizing public safety and awareness. With the potential for fluctuating conditions in the coming days, motorists and residents are encouraged to stay informed through official channels and adhere to safety guidelines to mitigate risks associated with inclement weather.

In light of the anticipated weather changes, it is crucial for individuals to plan travel routes accordingly, prioritize safety measures, and remain vigilant to ensure the well-being of themselves and others amidst the changing weather conditions

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