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UAE Braces for Rainfall as Arabian Sea Depression Intensifies

The UAE NCM issued a warning on Friday, stating that a tropical depression in the southern Arabian Sea is predicted to intensify.

The UAE National Centre of Meteorology (NCM) warned on Friday, announcing that a tropical depression in the southern Arabian Sea is expected to boost into a tropical storm within the next 24 hours. 

While the weather disturbance is not expected to directly impact the UAE, it will likely bring rain to parts of the country due to moisture flow from the Arabian Sea.

Rainfall Expected Over the Weekend:

The NCM’s earlier weather forecast predicts that some regions of the UAE will likely experience rainfall over the weekend until Tuesday, October 24. 

The weather forecast for the coming days indicates a general humid condition with the potential for fog or mist formation in the morning in some internal and coastal areas.

Formation of Convective Clouds in the East:

Although the weather will generally be fair, with partial cloud cover at times, residents in the eastern region are advised to prepare for rainfall in the afternoon, as convective clouds are expected to form, leading to localized showers.

Wind Conditions and Tropical Depression Formation:

The wind is forecast to be light to moderate, predominantly from the southeasterly direction. However, it may sometimes change, causing blowing dust with wind speeds up to 40kph.

A tropical depression typically forms when a low-pressure area is accompanied by thunderstorms, resulting in a circular wind flow with highest sustained winds below 62kph. 

When the cyclonic circulation becomes more organized with sustained winds exceeding 63kph, the depression is upgraded to a tropical storm. 

While the tropical storm formation is not anticipated to directly impact the UAE, its associated moisture flow is expected to bring much-needed rainfall to the region.

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