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UAE-Based Startup “Oliv” Aims to Helps Graduates Land Their First Job

A firm based in the UAE named "Oliv" is emerging as a vital resource for young people looking to launch their careers.

Finding internships and securing their first job can be daunting for young graduates. 

However, a UAE-based startup called “Oliv” is emerging as a valuable resource to help young individuals kickstart their careers in prominent local and international companies.

Targeted Recruitment Platform for Young Talent:

Oliv operates as a recruitment platform headquartered in the UAE, specifically catering to individuals below 30 in the Gulf region and Pakistan. 

It provides opportunities for internships, freelance work, and remote positions.

The platform is designed to assist students in their final years of university and recent graduates with two to four years of experience seeking job opportunities or internships. 

Oliv collaborates with renowned brands like Careem, Sephora, Sony, and many others to offer employment prospects to the younger demographic.

Large Candidate and Employer Database:

Oliv boasts a substantial database with 500,000 registered candidates and over 10,000 employers spanning the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, and other GCC countries. 

Companies such as Sephora, Careem, Samsung, Canon, Johnson’s, and Bose have listings on the platform.

Enhancing Skills and Offering Support:

In addition to job listings, Oliv provides candidates with opportunities to enhance their skills through interactive masterclasses and learning programs. 

Upon course completion, participants receive a certificate. The platform also offers free resources for CV writing and interview preparation.

Oliv’s philosophy centers around “learn and earn.” It aims to educate and empower candidates to earn a livelihood, even if they can’t immediately secure a job or internship. 

Over 80% of Oliv’s user base consists of companies and candidates in the UAE.

Employer Services and Candidate Benefits:

Oliv operates with a no-charge model for employers. They can purchase job posts annual subscriptions, or engage with the platform’s specialist team for talent headhunting. 

Remote candidates can also avail themselves of personal landing pages, websites, and payment portals for a small fee.

This article introduces “Oliv,” a UAE-based startup that supports young graduates and upcoming talent in their quest for job opportunities. 

The platform’s extensive database, valuable resources, and commitment to skill development make it a promising tool for youth entering the job market.

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