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UAE Authority Cautions Against Sharing Family Images Online

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A Call for Vigilance to Protect Privacy and Safety

Dubai, January 19, 2024 – The Abu Dhabi Judicial Department is urging caution among parents and children regarding the sharing of personal photos and videos on social media. This advisory aims to protect minors and ensure their privacy and safety in an increasingly connected world.

The Risks of Sharing Personal Moments

Children often share images of their parents and home life with friends, a seemingly innocent act that can inadvertently lead to unintended and potentially dangerous consequences. The department warns that such insights into a family’s private realm may allow outsiders to glean sensitive information about a child’s living environment, which could pose risks.

Understanding the Implications

The authority stresses that sharing visuals of family members and home interiors, including during private family events, could leave children vulnerable to various forms of abuse, exploitation, and even blackmail. Young individuals may not fully grasp the long-term implications of these actions, often sharing content online for attention or to showcase personal belongings.

Lack of Parental Supervision

Without adequate parental guidance, children might reveal personal details in environments that are not secure, leading to sensitive information falling into the wrong hands.

ADJD’s Preventive Measures

To combat these risks, the Abu Dhabi Judicial Department suggests several preventive measures:

  1. Parents should educate children about the dangers of sharing private information with outsiders.
  2. Children need awareness regarding electronic blackmail and the importance of not revealing home details and locations.
  3. Schools should play a role in emphasizing the significance of privacy in students’ lives.

A Community Effort

The ADJD’s warning is part of a broader initiative to foster safe online practices among the youth. By raising awareness and providing clear guidelines, the authority hopes to create a safer digital environment for all.

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