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UAE Authorities Reward Law-Abiding Motorists in Al Ain City

In Al Ain City, UAE authorities have launched a wonderful project to promote road safety and recognise law-abiding motorists.

UAE authorities have embarked on a heartwarming initiative to promote road safety and acknowledge law-abiding motorists in Al Ain City. 

As part of this program, deserving drivers are rewarded with free fuel cards, spreading joy and positivity on the roads.

Spreading Happiness and Encouraging Safe Driving:

The Happiness Patrol, known for its mission to inspire joy and a positive lifestyle, was pivotal in distributing the fuel cards. 

The primary objective of this initiative is to encourage positive traffic behavior among motorists, ultimately leading to enhanced road safety. 

In a collaborative effort, the General Command of Abu Dhabi Police and Adnoc Distribution Company have joined forces to launch this program, recognizing and rewarding model drivers.

An Appeal to Uphold Traffic Regulations:

The Al Ain Traffic Administration has called upon all drivers to diligently adhere to traffic regulations. For those exemplary in following the rules, free fuel cards served as a token of appreciation. 

However, the initiative also extended to those who may have violated traffic rules. 

In such cases, violators were handed roses and informative booklets as part of an educational effort to raise awareness about shared responsibility on the road.

Real-Life Stories Emphasize Road Safety:

The informative booklets distributed to drivers contained real-life stories that underscored the importance of obeying traffic laws. 

These narratives highlighted the significance of safe driving and underscored the ongoing efforts to preserve lives and property through responsible behavior on the road.

Encouraging Positive Traffic Conduct:

Colonel Matar Abdullah Al-Mahiri, Director of the Al Ain Traffic Department, emphasized the positive impact of recognizing and rewarding drivers for their adherence to traffic regulations. 

Such initiatives not only contribute to road safety but also serve as a source of motivation for others to adopt safe driving practices.

This exceptional initiative by the Abu Dhabi Police and its partners has garnered deep appreciation from drivers, reflecting a shared commitment to raising awareness and promoting safer driving practices throughout the city’s traffic systems.

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