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UAE Authorities Remind Residents of Privacy and Legal Consequences

The Abu Dhabi Judicial Department has created an Instagram video highlighting the legal ramifications for actions that violate others' privacy.

To reinforce the importance of privacy, the Abu Dhabi Judicial Department has released an Instagram video outlining potential legal consequences for actions that infringe on the privacy of others.

Legal Consequences for Privacy Violations:

The video emphasizes that posting photographs, videos, or comments on social media that invade someone’s privacy can result in significant penalties, including a hefty fine of up to Dh500,000 and a potential six-month imprisonment.

The authorities have outlined three specific activities residents should avoid to ensure they respect the privacy of those around them.

1) Photographing Accidents

Residents are strongly urged to avoid taking pictures or videos of accidents or their victims, as it violates privacy. Sharing or posting such images online is considered a criminal offense.

2)Photographing Others

Taking pictures of individuals in public or private settings and subsequently disclosing, copying, or keeping these images is expressly prohibited, highlighting the legal consequences of invading someone’s privacy.

3)Location Tracking

The authorities have warned against the illegal practice of tracking someone’s geographical location and monitoring it. Transmitting, copying, or retaining such information without consent is also deemed unlawful.

Legal Framework:

The reminder underscores the commitment to maintaining privacy rights and aligns with existing legal frameworks in the UAE. 

Residents are encouraged to exercise caution and be mindful of these regulations to avoid legal repercussions.

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