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UAE Authorities Introduce Strict Penalties for Obstructing Emergency Services

The Abu Dhabi Civil Defence Department reminds warehouse and store operators of Resolution No.24 of 2012.

Abu Dhabi Civil Defence issued a stern reminder to warehouse and store owners regarding Resolution 24 of 2012, emphasizing a Dh50,000 penalty for violations obstructing Civil Defence vehicles’ entrances or disrupting access between warehouses. 

Offenders will receive corrective directives and face license suspension if non-compliance persists.

Dh3,000 Fine for Motorists Failing to Give Way to Emergency Vehicles:

UAE motorists failing to yield to emergency, ambulance, and police vehicles now face a Dh3,000 fine, six traffic points and a 30-day vehicle confiscation. 

The stringent measures aim to ensure unimpeded access to emergency services, reducing response time to accidents and fires.

Dh1,000 Fine and Vehicle Confiscation for Obstructing Authorities:

Drivers obstructing authorities regulating traffic, impeding rescue vehicles during emergencies, disasters, crises, or rains, and obstructing vehicles in flooded valleys will be fined Dh1,000. 

Offenders will also receive four black points, and their vehicles will be confiscated for 60 days. 

The penalties underscore the importance of facilitating the swift response of emergency services in critical situations.

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