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UAE Authorities Dismiss Reports of Internet Service Interruption on October 11

UAE authorities have denied allegations of a likely worldwide Internet service outage on October 11.

Authorities in the UAE have refuted reports suggesting a potential worldwide Internet service interruption on October 11. 

The Telecommunications and Digital Government Regulatory Authority (TDRA) has categorically denied the accuracy of these reports and reassured the public that there will be no disruption in Internet services on the specified day.

Official Clarification:

The TDRA has emphasized the importance of relying on official channels for accurate information and cautioned against undue alarm caused by misleading reports. 

The authority’s statement aims to quell any concerns regarding Internet service interruptions and provide clarity to the public.

Maintaining Confidence in Internet Services:

This official response from the TDRA serves to maintain confidence in the reliability and continuity of Internet services in the UAE and the broader global context. 

By addressing and debunking unfounded claims, the authorities aim to assure that individuals and businesses can access the Internet without unnecessary worry or apprehension.

The UAE authorities’ prompt clarification regarding the reported global Internet service interruption on October 11 reinforces their commitment to transparent communication and the stable provision of essential services, such as Internet connectivity. 

This announcement aims to dispel any concerns and maintain the public’s trust in the reliability of telecommunications infrastructure.

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