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UAE Approves Dh6.4 Billion Budget to Boost Emiratisation in Private Sector

UAE Approves Dh6.4 Billion Budget to Boost Emiratisation in Private Sector

The UAE government has greenlit a significant budget of Dh6.4 billion to enhance Emiratisation efforts within the private sector. This move comes alongside a new target set for the Nafis program, aiming to integrate 36,000 Emiratis into the private sector workforce by the end of 2024. The decision was made during the recent meeting of the Emirati Competitiveness Programme’s Board of Directors, chaired by Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed, Vice President of the UAE and Head of the Presidential Office.

With the participation of key ministers including Abdulrahman bin Mohammed Al Owais, Minister of Health and Community Protection, and Dr. Ahmad Belhoul Al Falasi, Minister of Education, the board discussed strategies to further empower Emiratis in the private sector. The Nafis program, initiated in 2021, has already made significant strides, with the number of Emiratis working in the private sector reaching an all-time high of 92,000, showcasing a remarkable 157 percent increase since its inception.

Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed, emphasizing the importance of Emiratisation goals, commended the council’s efforts and reiterated the commitment to continue supporting initiatives like Nafis. The program focuses on qualifying, training, and employing Emiratis in various sectors, contributing to the nation’s economic growth and diversification.

In addition to the Nafis program, various other initiatives have been launched to promote Emiratisation in the private sector. Last month, UAE schools announced plans to recruit more Emirati graduates for teaching positions to meet rising Emiratisation targets. Similarly, Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed, Crown Prince of Dubai, unveiled a Dh1.1 billion scholarship fund for Emirati students, aiming to boost private sector employment as part of the Dubai Social Agenda 33.

Moreover, significant strides have been made in job training schemes to prepare young Emiratis for private sector roles. Last year, thousands of Emirati school pupils and university students participated in a nationwide job training scheme launched by the Ministry of Human Resources in partnership with the Ministry of Education and the Education and Human Resources Council. This one-year pilot program aims to equip young Emiratis with the skills needed for future careers in the private sector, with plans to expand the initiative over the next five years.

The UAE’s commitment to enhancing Emiratisation reflects its dedication to empowering its citizens and ensuring sustainable economic development. With strategic investments and targeted programs, the government aims to create more opportunities for Emiratis in the private sector, driving forward the nation’s vision for a diversified and knowledge-based economy.

By allocating significant resources to Emiratisation initiatives, the UAE underscores its commitment to nurturing a skilled and competitive workforce, while also fostering national pride and social cohesion. As the country continues to advance towards its development goals, Emiratisation remains a key pillar of its strategy for sustainable growth and prosperity.

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