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UAE Anticipates Rainy Weather Throughout the Week

The National Centre of Meteorology has issued a weather forecast showing that the UAE would experience continuous rain from Saturday to Wednesday.

The National Centre of Meteorology has issued a weather forecast indicating continuous rainfall expected in the UAE from Saturday to Wednesday. 

Both Eastern and Northern regions of the country are likely to experience light to moderate rainfall, with heavy downpours anticipated in limited areas, as stated by the NCM.

Variable Conditions with Temperature Drop:

The weather is expected to be partly cloudy at times, with occasional rainfall expected today. 

Due to the rains, temperatures are predicted to drop significantly, particularly in coastal and internal areas. This drop in temperature is expected to persist not just for today but throughout the week.

Outdoor Weekend Plans? Light Winds and Blowing Sand:

Despite the rainfall, residents can still venture outdoors over the weekend. Light to moderate winds are expected throughout the day, occasionally freshening up. 

There’s also a chance of blowing sand in some areas, so caution is advised for outdoor activities.

Temperature Fluctuations:

The temperature is forecasted to plummet to 16ºC today, providing a noticeable contrast to the usual weather. 

The maximum temperature is expected to reach 36ºC, indicating significant fluctuations due to the rainy weather pattern. 

Residents are urged to stay updated on the weather conditions and plan their activities accordingly.

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