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UAE Announces Reduced Fuel Prices Effective January 2024

The most recent fuel costs were lower on January 1 compared to December 2023.

The Ministry of Energy in the UAE revealed the retail fuel prices for January 2024. Subject to monthly adjustments, these rates mirror the global oil price trends and distribution operational costs.

January Fuel Rates:

Effective January 1, the latest fuel prices witnessed a decline compared to December 2023. The updated rates per liter stand as follows:

  • Super 98 petrol: Dh2.82 (a reduction of 14 fils from Dh2.96)
  • Special 95 petrol: Dh2.71 (down by 14 fils from Dh2.85)
  • E-plus 91 petrol: Dh2.64 (decreased by 13 fils from Dh2.77)

Savings for Motorists:

These lowered rates translate into notable savings for motorists, with potential savings ranging from Dh6.63 to Dh10.36 per full petrol tank, based on the vehicle’s fuel capacity.

Adjusting to Market Trends:

The regular revisions in fuel prices respond directly to the changes in the global oil market. The approach ensures that consumers benefit from these adjustments, aligning their expenses with the current oil price landscape.

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