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UAE Announces Free Parking in Select Emirates for New Year Weekend

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Celebratory Gesture for the New Year

In a festive gesture, several Emirates in the UAE have announced free parking for residents and visitors during the long New Year weekend. This move is part of the celebrations and to facilitate hassle-free travel during the holiday period.

Emirates Offering Free Parking

The announcement specifies which Emirates will offer free parking, catering to the increased mobility expected during the New Year’s celebrations. This initiative is expected to benefit both residents and tourists as they partake in various festivities.

Duration and Locations

Details about the duration of the free parking, along with the specific areas where it will be applicable, are provided. This information is crucial for drivers to plan their travel and parking during the long weekend.

Impact on Traffic and Tourism

The decision to offer free parking is likely to have a positive impact on traffic flow and tourism. It encourages people to explore different areas without worrying about parking fees, thereby boosting local businesses and festive activities.


The UAE’s initiative to provide free parking during the New Year weekend reflects its commitment to enhancing the quality of life for its residents and visitors. Such measures not only ease transportation but also add to the joyous atmosphere of the holiday season.

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