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UAE and US President collaborate on humanitarian support for Israel-Gaza conflict

Leaders emphasize the importance of ensuring critical humanitarian help is provided.

Leaders emphasize the importance of ensuring critical humanitarian help is provided.


In a recent phone call, President Sheikh Mohamed of the United Arab Emirates and U.S. President Joe Biden discussed the critical need for addressing the Israel-Gaza conflict and its humanitarian impact.

Emphasis on Humanitarian Support

Delivering Crucial Aid

President Sheikh Mohamed and President Biden emphasized the importance of providing essential humanitarian support to the people affected by the Israel-Gaza conflict.

Ensuring Safe Corridors for Aid

Maintaining Safe Passage

The two leaders called for the continued maintenance of open and safe corridors to ensure that aid can reach those who are caught up in the conflict.

International Community Engagement

Leading Calls for Restraint

Sheikh Mohamed and President Biden urged the international community to unite in leading calls for restraint and an immediate de-escalation of the ongoing violence.

Protecting Civilians

Paramount Priority

Both leaders stressed the absolute importance of protecting civilians in conflict zones, encompassing measures to minimize harm to non-combatants and ensure their safety.

Pursuing Peace, Stability, and Security

Long-term Goals

They underscored the need to work towards achieving peace, stability, and security in the Middle East, recognizing the complexity of the Israel-Gaza conflict.


In a tangible demonstration of support, President Sheikh Mohamed directed $20 million in aid for the Palestinian people, underlining their commitment to assisting those impacted by the ongoing conflict.

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