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UAE and Malaysia to collaboratively develop 10 GW of renewable energy

Malaysia seeks to have 70% of its power supply come from renewable sources by 2050.

Malaysia seeks to have 70% of its power supply come from renewable sources by 2050.

Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim of Malaysia has announced a significant collaborative effort between the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Malaysia to jointly develop 10 gigawatts (GW) of renewable energy capacity in Malaysia by 2025. This ambitious project is estimated to be worth a substantial $8 billion.

MoU between Malaysia and Abu Dhabi Future Energy Co.

Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim revealed this partnership through a Facebook post, indicating that the plans were formalized through a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU). The MoU was signed between the Malaysian Investment Development Authority and Abu Dhabi Future Energy Co. during the Prime Minister’s visit to Abu Dhabi.

Details Awaited

Although the announcement highlighted the intent to develop a substantial renewable energy capacity, specific details regarding the nature of the projects and the technologies involved were not provided in the Facebook post.

Malaysia’s Renewable Energy Goals

This collaborative effort aligns with Malaysia’s renewable energy objectives. 

The Malaysian government aims to have 70 percent of its energy supply sourced from renewable sources by 2050, representing a significant increase from the approximately 25 percent recorded at the end of March. To achieve this ambitious target, Malaysia estimates the need for an investment of 637 billion ringgit ($135 billion).

This partnership between the UAE and Malaysia reflects a commitment to sustainable energy development and underscores the global importance of transitioning to renewable sources for a more sustainable and environmentally friendly energy future.

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