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UAE and Gazan medics provide critical care to war-affected children 

A group of 160 will provide care for kids able to leave Gaza via the Rafah junction.

A group of 160 will provide care for kids able to leave Gaza via the Rafah junction.

A Medical Volunteer Team’s Dedication Amid Conflict

In the Midst of the Crisis

Two Gazan medics have made a heartfelt choice to be close to the conflict zone, providing emergency care to children who have escaped the war in Gaza. Their decision reflects unwavering commitment and solidarity with their people during challenging times.

A Dedicated Medical Volunteer Team

This compassionate duo is part of a larger medical volunteer team of 160 individuals. Their mission is clear: to offer vital medical assistance to the most vulnerable victims of the conflict—children.

International Collaboration for Critical Care

In a unique collaboration, UAE’s Burjeel Holdings and Response Plus Holding (RPM) have partnered with Egypt’s Cleopatra Hospitals Group to establish a 60-bed field hospital near the Rafah crossing. 

This partnership demonstrates the power of international cooperation when it comes to providing essential healthcare during times of crisis.

The Face of Selfless Service

Registered nurse Ilham Altarabeen, aged 31, hails from Gaza and had recently commenced her work in Abu Dhabi. Her choice to be close to the conflict zone and offer her expertise for the betterment of war-affected children highlights the dedication and selflessness of healthcare professionals.

A Beacon of Hope in Times of Darkness

The efforts of these medics and their colleagues in delivering critical medical care to those affected by the conflict serve as a beacon of hope. Their presence on the front lines not only saves lives but also provides solace to those enduring the hardships of war.

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