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UAE and Egypt Deliver 53 Tonnes of Aid to Northern Gaza in Joint Operation

UAE and Egypt Deliver 53 Tonnes of Aid to Northern Gaza in Joint Operation

In a collaborative effort aimed at alleviating the suffering of Palestinians in northern Gaza, the United Arab Emirates and Egypt have once again extended their support by sending a significant batch of aid. The joint operation saw aircraft from both countries transporting approximately 53 tonnes of food and medical supplies to the region.

This latest delivery marks the fourth aid drop since the initiative was launched, with the total amount of aid provided now reaching 169 tonnes. The operation, known as Gallant Knight 3, was initiated in November 2023 by President Sheikh Mohamed to offer essential assistance to Palestinian civilians in the midst of conflict.

The aid drop, conducted via aircraft, targeted northern Gaza, an area heavily affected by the ongoing crisis. Videos released earlier showcased the dedication of military personnel as they diligently carried out the mission, dropping vital supplies to those in need below.

Since the commencement of the operation, the UAE has remained steadfast in its commitment to supporting Palestinians in Gaza. This latest endeavour underscores the nation’s unwavering dedication to providing humanitarian aid to those affected by conflict and turmoil.

Last month, another significant initiative was undertaken when a 100-bed floating hospital, originating from the UAE, docked at El Arish Airport in Egypt. The hospital, equipped with essential medical facilities including operating rooms, intensive care units, and a pharmacy, aims to bolster relief efforts in Gaza.

This floating hospital complements the existing Emirati field hospital located within Gaza, which was established in December. With a capacity of 200 beds and manned by a dedicated medical staff representing 21 nationalities, including both men and women, the field hospital has been instrumental in providing critical medical care to thousands of patients.

The humanitarian efforts of the UAE and Egypt underscore the importance of international solidarity in times of crisis. By working together and leveraging their resources, both nations are making a tangible difference in the lives of those affected by conflict in Gaza.

As the aid operations continue, the UAE and Egypt remain committed to providing ongoing support to the people of Gaza. Through initiatives like Gallant Knight 3 and the deployment of essential medical facilities, these nations are demonstrating their dedication to promoting peace, stability, and prosperity in the region.

The joint efforts of the UAE and Egypt highlight the significance of international cooperation in addressing humanitarian crises and providing assistance to vulnerable populations. With continued support and collaboration, the hope is to bring relief and comfort to those affected by conflict in Gaza and pave the way for a brighter future for all.

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